Sunday, May 4, 2014


HEY!!! Everyone this blog turned into more of a diary and got all depressing and stuff. Please check out my new and improved blog!

It is dealing with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. i will update it regularly and take it very seriously and professionally


Monday, December 23, 2013

~Circle Lenses~

I would say at least one in 5 “trendy” girls and even guys too (BTW I completely made up this statistic) in Asia where circle lenses on a regular basis.

In Korea the circle lens selection is vast, but like many other things here, not very diverse. There are tons of specialized lens shops that carry a big selection of lenses.  Usually you can go in, pick out a few pairs, ask questions to the expert workers and even test out a few pairs.  Different shades of browns are most commonly found in Seoul, as the ulzzang Korean beauty is all about looking “natural and subtle”.

~Ulzzang girl with dark hair, dark eyes, aegyo-sal make style, pale skin~

Japanese girls have a tendacy to go for a more gaudy over the top look.  The epitome of the gyaru (ギャル) trend is  to wear bright over the top lenses; blue, green, purple, pink.. The more unnatural for a Japanese face, the better!
~Famous AV Gyaru Cocoana/Selina.  She is known for her bleached hair, tanned skin, and big blue lenses~

For a western eye, lets be honest, circle lenses are really a hit or miss.  

Because the shape of western eyes are already more round and open, having double eyelids and exposing the tear gland, enlarging, bright lenses just might make a western girl look like an alien, that she is possessed by a demon, or worst of all, that is she is just  a bit too much of an otaku trying to hard trying to hard, ;) ㅋㅋㅋ.

However, if worn properly, with the correct lens diameter, color, shape, design and corresponding makeup style, circle lenses on western eyes have the potential to be beautifully striking.

I dabbled into cosmetic circle lenses about 3 years ago when I first went to Japan and fell in love with the cute gyaru look. Looking back at photos, I’m shaking my head in embarrassment by how horrible my makeup style was.  I literally tried to exactly copy the makeup style I saw. Fail.  I wore really dark nearly black colored lenses and put on huge false lashes that did not suit my eye type. 

A look at the Mari-circle lens timeline 

Janurary 2012. Lens Newbie. Black hair with HUGE pink circle lenses. scary.  Embarrassing.

February 2012. Red Hair with purple lenses, long lashes.  I don't think I did a bad makeup job,per se, however looking back this is a bit "anime" for me. OTAKU!
May 2012. Super dark hair and brows, navy lenses, large size, thick black liner on top and bottom, huge falsies. TOO MUCH.
May 2012. University Graduation. Super faked tan, big dark lenses.  Trying to be gyaru too hard.
October 2012.  After examining photos from earlier that year, I decided t0 go for a more natural look.  Natural hair color, nude lips and smoky eye with a simple grey lens.  This lens is a winner for sure! Subtle but sexy.  However, I look so boring here!  Nothing special!

Novemer 2013.  A year later and I am happy with this current style.  Blonde hair with light colored makeup and light lenses.  Lighter colors are so much less harsh on me.  This includes lighter eyebrows. I'm naturally brunette but I have decided I'm blonde at heart. 

On a recent trip to Thailand I went on a major lens haul! I must say Thai girls do makeup with lenses really well. I’d call it someone in between the Korean and Japanese style.  They go for an overall more natural look but tend to be more daring with the lens colors like blue or greys.  Thai girls naturally have darker skin and bigger eyes, which look really well with blue and green lenses.
~Thai model Nookzii~

In Bangkok, a lot of the street markets and malls had an amazing selection of lenses for mad cheap!  About equal to $6-$7 USD for a pair that lasts 1 year (with proper cleaning and storage).

Recently the circle lens trend is picking up with Los Angelus  trendsetter fashionistas such as models and desginers Luna Lovebad, Natashia Lillipore and even Hannabeth Merjos.  They have all posted Instagram photos sporting some lenses.

There are an infinite number of online icrcle lens stores but I recommend Eyecandy Lenses or Pinkyparadise  Both sites have a big selection ad ship worldwide.  Usually on these sites, they run about $20-$35 USD per pair.

How do you feel about circle lenses?  Have you worn them?

I’m not an expert but if you have any questions about lenses, I can probably answer pretty accurately based on much experience!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wonder Anatomie

Wonder Anatomie  was the second collection of the day for me.  Designer Chalermkiat Khatikkasemlert's show included fresh faced models from both Korea, and his native Thailand.

 The line included both mens and womens wear with the men's styles showing a lot of leggings under shorts; a very fashionable statement for men this season, which I am very much into, if they can pull it off.  IMO if you have the confidence, the rest of your style put together, and honestly are a bit on the smaller side for a guy. DO IT.
The show was along the same sort of style like Jeremy Scott or Joyrich or something like that.  A lot of bright and pastel colors and patterns, funky material (plastic, and metal) Sweatshirts, skirts, dresses jerseys and snapback-esque hats. 

Is that Amber from f(x) in front of me?.........Nah, it wasn't. ㅋㅋ.

I obviously got great quality photos on my iPhone right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Check out inpad to see better quality photos of the show and stay tuned to ROK Styles for a full out video!


Sunday, October 20, 2013


O-M-G long time no see. I have been super busy to say the least. Two weeks ago I got pretty sick.  I had tonsillitis and had to go to the doctor a few times (time consuming, not fun). I've been writing a lot, working an a personal website, doing my day job and wasting time, *ahem* HAVING FUN playing around with my the ios app I'm currently obsessed with called cyberfm. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Back to Buisness.

I have an Announcement: I am super excited that I have started working with ROK Styles.  This is a fashion webzine based out of Seoul run by two super cool girls Danielle and Caroline!  They have had the site together about a year and it is really gaining in popularity.  I will be helping them out a on some videography work! Woop!

So October 18-23 is the official Seoul Fashion Week.  Today, Caroline of ROK Styles and myself headed over about 11:00 to check out the Thai MariHorn collection, appropriately titled "Fairest of Them All" .

The show: summing up the show in a few words: baby-fawn-snow-white-angry-demon-rich-girl-in fall.  Her collection brings out the envy, greed and beauty of the fairytale Snow White, for the mature woman, as opposed to the little girl.  The colors used in the collection were primarily deep in rich burgundies, blues, black and white.  The patterns were really lovely a sort of elegant but angry looking concept.  The models accessories included gold headpieces that resembled deer antlers and gold accessory statement necklaces and belts spelling out words including "envy", "bitch", "hate" and "truth".  There were also these elegant mirror earrings which I thought were unique and eye catching and would be a success in a variety of markets.

After the show the designer, Marisa Horn was kind enough to talk to me for a moment.  Want to see the interview?  You will just have to wait and check out ROKStyles where our full SFWSS2014 video will up posted!

Stay tuned for my review of the Wonder Anatomie and Kemissara shows~~~

xoxo Mari

View from the IFC Mall

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Plac Jeans by Placid Wave Fashion Week Collection and Party

Just got home from my second show of Seoul Fashion Week SS2014!  The Plac Jeans collection.  It was held at Daerim Warehouse (대림창고) which oddly enough is not in Daerim 대림, but rather in Seoungsu 성수.

Anyway, What I wore:

Hat: Forever 21
Glasses:A Land
Sweater: Circle
Pants: BDG
Shoes:Made in Korea from the street in Hongdae
Bag: Michael Kors
Necklace: H&M
My Freind Dongwoo on a candid/laughing shot

We arrived at about 7:30 and waited in a line outside until about 7:45, then we were brought inside and grabbed a good spot.

Dongwoo, Lana and myself waiting in line outside.


Plac Jeans Wall

The collection was really great and the show was phenomenal.  They had a sort of electro chic iconic light/music setup. The runway really caught my eye because it sort of curved.  The models come out and walked down a straight line; then they made a sharp right, a sharp left and entered another room where the continued straight on that runway, turned around and did their walk back.  Sort of like a small glitch in the road, or if something were in the way (in the case, just the architecture of the building) and they had to walk around it.  For some reason it fit though.  The clothes were cool.  A lot of deep greys, blacks, maroons, blues, leather hats and fur.  It was a mixture of men's and women's' wear, but there were only 4 female models, outweighed by 15 men(including one of my favorite models 박형섭  A lot of the clothes look sort of unisex.

Video if the into of the show

And the end

They had this backdrop many people took photos by it:

Some very well dressed Korean girls, who also took our photo
Lana and me, and Lana and Dongwoo

After the show there was a small cocktail and horderves party.  Which usually I thought start an event, not end it, am I wrong?  Anyway they had a bunch of champagne, vodka orange, churros, mini corndogs, whip cream on bread and shrimp-curry-cucumber-creamcheese on bread (my favorite).  I'll take food any time of the night.

Overall it was a success.  A place to talk to mingle, have a drink and see the new collection, Sucess!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LOWCLASSIC Spring Summer 2014 Collection

This Past Saturday Korean brand LOWCLASSIC showed their spring/summer 2014 collection.

Although the show was held separate from the rest of Seoul Fashion Week (SFW).  The official SFW website and Facebook page kept promoting the event, so I think they are related, haha.

You needed tickets for the show but luckily my roommate, Hyuna, works for LOWCLASSIC and hooked me up with a ticket +1

The show was Saturday at 4 so my friend Tony and I went together.  I wore a cropped spandex black turtleneck from American Apparel, a white Zara blazer, a black faux leather skirt and shoes from the streets of 홍대 with a brown leather Micheal Kors bag. Tony wore an 87mm white button down, black jeans and brown Doc Martins.

I had to work until 2:00 pm on Saturday, and the show was at 4.  It was at Choong Ang High School in 안국 which was in the back alley of a traditional part of town, it was super hard to find but with the help of an extremely nice old lady, we made it there.....just a few minutes late!

Ofcourse too, I forgot my camera and my phone died so i only have a few shots which Tony took.

The show was great. The location it was at was beautiful.  There was a super cool Korean indie band providing the music for the show.  They reminded me of something like Crystal Castles meets Best Coast meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.....if that makes sense.  The models included Jisoo Park, and Esom (이솜) and some of the guests at the show included the guys of 87mm (i SAW YOU THERE)

If I can describe the show in 1 word it would be "sleek" all the models had super straight blunt hair.  And all the clothes were very simple-yet chic kind of sleek.  A lot of grey and white. A lot of big black platform shoes.  The fact that it was lightly raining and the show was outside sort of added to it all making it a completely perfect experience for all the senses.  My favorite pieces were the white shirt with short shorts.  My least favorite were the sort of see through oversize shirt/dress things.  Particularly the red one that said Danger. Just a bit too much.

Video clip of the show (sorry for bad quality)

Tony and myself were the only foreigners at the show! hahaha! No one really seemed to notice  everyone was mesmerized about the show!

It was great! I wish I had more photos/videos! next time~ This blog is a work in progress


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I filmed for the show KStyle which is on Mnet America Channel.  We had to test out Korean lipsticks and vote for our favorite. I think they were all toooo dark. I like nude or pink gloss.

Can anyone help me find the full episode?